Bases of the Event Tickets Corona Music Fest

Bases of the Event Tickets Corona Music Fest

All those who receive cell phone service and SMS messages through Radio Móvil Dips, SA de CV and/or Telcel, who have their domicile exclusively within the Mexican Republic, and who at the Participation Deadline may be PARTICIPANTS, meet the other requirements of mechanics.
Those interested in participating must send within the Validity of the event, an SMS message with the Key Word to the Number to Participate, acquiring from that moment the quality of PARTICIPANT, being identified at all times by the number of their cell phone.

In response, the Participant will receive a text message asking him a question and if he answers correctly as a sure gift, a cartoon image of one of the artists of the Corona music Fest event is won. Participation in the event is voluntary, and you can only participate on the day of the event, November 11, 2006. The Participant, as well as the date and time in which he sends the messages with his answers, is registered in the database of Mobiles, SA de CV
Each message will have the cost indicated in the Specifications Chart.
During the day the debugging of the Database is carried out, to obtain only the 654 Participants in being the first to send messages and that has answered the question correctly. In case of a tie in a number of messages, the Database will be reviewed, and the Participant who sent the messages in the shortest time will be the winner. The winner will be contacted by Mobiles, SA de CV through SMS messages and/or by telephone, to obtain their complete personal data, such as name, age, address, alternate telephone, as these are essential data for the award ceremony.

If any of the data provided is false, participation will be canceled. In the event that the winner cannot be contacted within two days of obtaining it, the prize will be awarded to the next participant with the highest number of SMS messages sent, and the least time spent for it. It is important to remember that the only thing that is registered in the Database is the cell phone number from which the SMS messages are sent, so the Participant must send all their SMS messages from the same phone, otherwise, each number will be Will consider a different participant. SMS messages from different cell phone numbers cannot be accumulated, even if the owner of them is the same person.
The winner will be awarded during the event to the Participation Deadline, the time needed to debug and count the records of the Database, and will be carried out in one of the redemption centers installed in the Azteca Stadium. Each of the winners will be notified of the place of delivery.
The results of the event will be announced the day after the start of the promotion on the website:, where they will remain for 10 days. All participants agree to receive a notification on their cell phone in case they are winners, as well as notices related to the promotions of Mobiles, SA de CV
The prizes will be delivered by Mobiles, SA de CV according to the following:
To the winners resident in the Federal District, metropolitan area and INTERIOR OF THE Republic, the delivery will be made in the offices located in Paseo de Los Tamarindos No. 400 Suite 106, Colonia Bosques de las Lomas, CP 05120, on the date that I indicated with due opportunity.
To collect the prize, the winner must present the cell phone from which he sent the SMS messages and an official identification (Voter ID, Professional ID or Passport) in original and copy. In the event that the winner is a minor, he must have the written consent of his parents, guardians or person who exercises parental authority to participate in the event.

The minor must present with his birth certificate in original and copy, accompanied by the person exercising parental authority over him, who must present an official identification, and his written consent for the minor to participate in the event. If any of the documents and/or copies described above are missing, the corresponding gift cannot be delivered.

In the case of emancipated minors, they must provide a simple copy of the document proving this circumstance. In the case of prizes consisting of a sum of money, it will be paid by bank transfer and /or any of the legally accepted means of payment. The prize will be delivered within 5 days after the publication of the result, however, in the event that it is impossible to make the delivery due to cause attributable to the winner, said circumstance shall be recorded by means of a record drawn up before two witnesses, being able then Mobiles, SA de CV to have the prize without any responsibility.


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