The Tips of 6 Djs to Party All Night Completely Sober

The Tips of 6 Djs to Party All Night Completely Sober

This article is a short excerpt from a cross interview published in issue 218 (February 2019) by Trax, dedicated to celebrations without excesses. The issue, which also includes surveys of tea-party revelers, Ecstatic Dance’s “conscious clubbing” and a portrait of the sober raver Bradley Gunn, is available on newsstands and on the magazine’s storefront. Spending nights in clubs around the world is a dream. However, the cumulative fatigue and excesses that the lifestyle of DJ’s can lead can quickly be complicated to manage.

Six of them, accustomed to these problems, testify for Trax and share their tips for succeeding in moving quietly evening on the evening, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What allows the clubbers to get up on the right foot in the week and leave motivated (or almost) at work.

Interviews with Norman Nodge, resident of Berghain at night and lawyer day, Louisahhh, co-founder of the RAAR label, the pioneer of the crazy years of Pulp Jennifer Cardini, the funk and deep house DJ Jeremy Underground, the tireless The Black Madonna and the resident of Concrete François X. All night in a club requires first a minimum of physical and mental preparation. DJ’s, for whom this is a routine, have understood it. Just before a set, Louisahhh “tries to limit human contact and has a good nap”.

His habits allow him to keep his bearings: “I will wake up an hour before, take caffeine, make-up, do some stretching and listen to podcasts. ” For Jennifer Cardini and Jeremy Underground, this condition must be put in a work every day. “The most important thing for me is to have a healthy lifestyle week. Playing sports has become essential, it brings me the energy I need on weekends. Meditation also helps me against stress and lack of sleep. ” Says, Jennifer. during, On the other hand, it’s not easy to conserve energy and motivation for a whole night when you choose to stay sober.

A challenge that does not frighten Jennifer Cardini or François X, for whom the atmosphere of the moment must be the main engine when we are about to dance until the early morning: ” It is especially the music that intoxicated and keeps me in suspense. ” Says Francis X. The same goes for Norman Nodge: “Energy comes from the rhythm of the music. The way I mix keeps me awake as well, I continually adjust according to the reactions of the crowd. ” A method that also allows the public not to be the victim of a certain monotony.

And while it is difficult under the conditions of a club to resist the temptation of alcohol or drugs, all seem to say that (bad) past experiences should serve as a lesson for not going back. “When I took drugs, I was not able to act as a professional. Sobriety has amplified my life. ” Confides Louisahhh, one of the few DJs to have openly talked about his experience of the addict.

For François X, everything changed overnight: “I made coma ethyl at 17 years. Since then, no more alcohol. Never drugs either. The same disgust on the part of Jeremy, who advances in addition the (unshakeable) argument of age: “I resist the temptation by thinking of the horrible post-drug or post-binge aftermath. When you’re 20, your body cash. After the thirties, that’s another story. “

After the effort, comfort? At the end of the evening, everyone has their techniques to recharge the batteries. For The Black Madonna, the unmissable cure of sleep is accompanied by a rehydration therapy and vitamins: “In the past, I was always sick because of auto-immune tramps. ” Disconnect is as essential as Jeremy Underground: ” I try to limit the computer and the phone, if possible. “

If all evoke the importance of rest, sport is never far away. ” Walking, swimming, drinking lots of water … ” is Jennifer Cardini’s fitness program. For Norman Nodge on the other hand, the session of “A shower, a dodo, sex (marital). ” A final council that many revelers will be pleased to apply to the letter.


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