Top Five Ways to Recycle Your Cheesiest Cd’s

Top Five Ways to Recycle Your Cheesiest Cd’s

Come on, own up. Yes, you… Come on, hand it over. That’s right, there’s no point denying it, many of us try to, but it affects us all. “TragicCDitus” is a common condition that affects many music lovers in every household up and down the country. And sadly, it’s rumored to be contagious with no known vaccine available to man. Unfortunately, many of us have that one or in my case few, tragic, cheesy CDs we no longer listen to or admit to owning.

For me it’s Dido. Remember her? She was big for about three years with her nasal, dreary, flat repertoire that would make even Carol Smilie reach for the Vodka and cry! Yes, well as a young impressionable teenager living on the outskirts of London no one bothered telling me just how bad this woman truly was until I had a reality check a few years later and bought an iPod joining the digital insurgency.

It’s safe to say, that Dido, Hansen and Busted for that matter, were the first CDs to be put in the “what was I thinking?” pile and sold. Luckily for many people who want to sell CD’s, there are always several websites online where you can get money for your old CDs. Some of these websites can also be used to sell MacBook pro computers, old electronics, iPods, DVDs, etc.

Anyway, with this in mind, it got me thinking of other uses for tragic CDs. Yes, a top-five list of the different uses a recycled cheesy CD can bring you. Have a read, enjoy it and who knows, maybe you’ll add to the growing list? Go on, hunt out that Dido CD and start getting creative!

  •  Mold the disks – Interestingly, if CDs or DVDs are dropped into near-boiling water in a pan and sensibly removed they can be cut very easily with scissors into a host of diverse shapes (for badges, decorations, etc).
  •  Catch Candle Drips On Used CD! – That’s right, modify your CD’s and turn them into candle holders!
  •  Pet Hanging Mirror – Look great in reptile bird cages and cat trees! Simply, use a small broken piece from a Hansen Greatest Hits CD and carefully smooth the edges to make a hole in the center to put a piece of string through. Voila! You have a pet hanging mirror for your companion to admire themselves in!
  •  A Work Of Art! – That’s right, put your artistic skills to good use by creating artwork from the disks. They look great on walls and with a bit of acrylic and beads can become a centerpiece for any home!
  •  Drink Holders – A must-have for any guy or gal looking for somewhere to rest their cold beer in. Simply cut a small opening in the side of the CD that is big enough to hold your glass of beer. Next step is to attach the CD holder to a hard stand and abracadabra, you have a drinks holder that look s great on any table surface!


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