Rocks and. band Domain Names Are Now Available for Artists of Tunecore

Rocks and. band Domain Names Are Now Available for Artists of Tunecore

TuneCore is a music publishing administration service and digital music distribution. And Rightside, the leading provider of a domain name, announced their partnership by offering.ROCKS and.BAND domain names as well as email addresses to all the customers of TuneCore. They are available at their Artist Services portal or you can visit at

The domains of TuneCore are going to provide their artists with various creative new ways in branding their presence online, to connect with their fans, at the same time, gain more visibility. The Artists Services of TuneCore are aiming to empower musicians and ready them for necessary tools for the creation of music and succeed independently as artists.

Aside from adding domains, they will also provide another service for independent artists in order to distinguish themselves further and more and more people worldwide will hear their music. According to Scott Ackerman, the CEO of TuneCore, “We know how much work goes into building a brand as an artist.”

They want to offer new domains to help independent musicians to connect with their fans, as well as find new opportunities to earn through their music. The Artists Services are always looking for new partners and new tools so that it will be easier for musicians especially on building their careers while they concentrate on the thing they do best, it is making music.

Taryn Naidu, the CEO of Rightside Group, Ltd said that “Tunecore is in a unique position to offer.ROCKS and.BAND domain names to artists looking to brand their websites, email addresses and other online presences with a more memorable and descriptive alternative to.COM. We’re extremely excited to be partnering with Tunecore and their artist community.”

These domains are available for sale for just a limited time, ROCKS costs $8.95 and.BAND costs $15.95. For aspiring musicians and artists who want to try having their own domain names, the first thing that comes to mind is, where to buy good domains? One of the tactics that experts do is by looking for expired, almost expiring or even deleted domains with high PR. They do this to save time from building numerous credible backlinks.

TuneCore provides more music to people all over the world. At the same time, they help songwriters and musicians increase opportunities for making money and to take charge of their careers. In fact, this company is one of the music catalogs that have the highest earning revenue worldwide, their Artists earn over $504 million on more than 12 billion downloads and streams since they started.

The services that deal about music distribution help labels, managers and artists sell their music through Amazon Music, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and in other major streaming and download sites.


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