Event Management Company

Event Management Company

Organizing an event is no longer a cup of tea. It involves professionals at every level. Today event management stands as an Rs. 500 crore industry. And is continuously rising. There are many intricacies involved in event management. Many layers complicate the big event. Too many things need to be wrapped up in a short while. In due consideration Event Management Companies are set-up.

They organize from head to toe. All you have to do is provide them with the basic information, the rest they organize. Huge companies are set-up. To a name a few in India we have Wizcraft, TBWA PR, Percept D Mark, Hungama.com, Red Bull. They organize small-time events, celebrity events, roadshows, stage-shows, weddings, corporate events and a lot more. They provide you with a celebrity if required and take care of them till the end. They organize for everything you ever wanted.

As an event management company, they undergo three main stages. The first is the pre-production stage. Here the basic planning is carried out. Concepts are brainstormed, themes are worked out. From accounting, logistics to public relations and marketing every detail is planned out.

Next comes production. This area is vulnerable to mistakes so one ought to be careful at this point. Here it is that maximum creativity is seen upfront. Designs are churned out. Layouts are created. The last and final stage is the post-production where the event is completed and its coverage is given importance. Press releases and marketing of the event is carried out in full swing. Thus an event management company needs to streamline the entire event and make sure the event turns out a success.

Event management companies arrange the entire event on a theme. It could be a wedding or a charity show, a children’s event, etc. these events demand creativity. Something that will make them stand out of the clutter firstly, as it is a different event and secondly that the feedback should be encouraging for an encore.

The recent marathon that Mumbai witnessed was one of the specialized events. Foreign nationals, corporate personnel, etc. everybody was seen to take part in it. More than winning it was the spirit of participation that was encouraged. And it received an overwhelming response.


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