New Year’s Eve Party Design Tips

New Year's Eve Party Design Tips

If you are having a sophisticated adult party, why not consider looking for face masks for your guest’s to wear during the evening as well – to add to the fun.

Get the kids to make noisemakers with coffee cans and uncooked rice. The kids can cover the coffee cans with colored construction paper and draw designs on them. Add about 1/4 of a cup of uncooked rice to each coffee can. Criss-cross heavy tape over the lid of the coffee can (to safeguard against overly-enthusiastic kids shaking).

Look for a great “Happy New Year’s Eve 2010” banner to add to your party. This is a great New Year’s Eve supplies item to have for your decorating. For a more sophisticated party, a metallic banner might be the best choice.

Add some great centerpieces to your buffet tables for a New Year’s Eve party. Centerpieces have a bad reputation for being expensive, but if you get creative, you do not have to spend a huge amount of money on them. For a sophisticated party, floating candles and flower blossoms in a wide-rimmed glass bowl can be a very pretty look.

Or consider a winter flower such as amaryllis, they come in lovely wintery colors such as red, white, red and white striped and a lovely pinkish color. For a neighborhood or family party, why not do a centerpiece of a bouquet of bright-colored tulips, or some lovely sharp-scented eucalyptus leaves. Votive candles arranged in a line or a circle can also make a great centerpiece.

Make that dinner table look so pretty with a tablecloth in a bright color and napkins and placemats that match. Linen is perfect for a sophisticated party with adults. For a neighborhood or family party you may want to adjust this slightly and go with a cloth tablecloth (paper tablecloths usually tear easily), but use paper napkins. Paper napkins come in lots of colors now, so they can still match your decor. You can even find napkins that say “Happy New Year” to add to your New Years Eve supplies.

Another great idea for decorating – whether it is a sophisticated party is to add balloons to your decor. Balloons are usually an inexpensive but great way to decorate for a party. You can get Mylar (shiny) balloons. The Mylar balloons come with greetings and you can without a doubt find balloons that will say “Happy New Year”. Or go with regular, unshiny balloons and they will still look great.

Get balloon weights, available at any party supplies store for a very low price. Tie balloons in corners where they will look great but not float around in the way of your guests. Or if you have a high ceiling, let balloons float on the ceiling. Let children or guests take balloons home with them at the end of the evening. The right New Years Eve supplies will help you pull off another great celebration of a new calendar year.


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