Go Out to Berlin and Party All Night

Go Out to Berlin and Party All Night

Go out to Berlin and party all night, is part of the local color! In Berlin, we forget the pageant evenings, the neurasthenic dancefloors and we go exploring the places where we can without having to worry about the hour to dance until dawn. Here is – if the demons of dance have seized you – a (very) small list of places to go past midnight.

Go out to Berlin, party all night. Places not to miss!

Neighborhood Mitte
Clärchen Ballhaus To go for a walk in a retro setting, Clärchen Ballhaus is the place for you! This dance hall, opened in 1913, has survived two world wars and has barely taken a ride since it opened. hat down!

Until the 1940s, the people came to party and dance in the lower hall, while the upper class entertained themselves upstairs in the sumptuous Spiegelsaal (Hall of Ice). The basement hosted a bowling alley.  In 1944 Goebbels decided to put an end to the joke and the Clärchen Ballhaus became a tea room with … a knitting workshop. The establishment passes through the meshes of the Stasi and comes out of his half-sleep in 2005.

After some renovations, the dance hall regains its former glory. And above all, the ice room, (all moldings, mirrors, and wood) left abandoned and almost forgotten by all is (re) discovered by the new owners.  In a short time, the Clärchen Ballhaus returns to the dance scene and becomes one of the most popular addresses for going out to Berlin and having fun all night long.

Every weekend there is a crowd that lets off steam. The public, all generations and cosmopolitan comes swinging until the early morning in a good mood. The magnificent upper room hosts concerts, private parties, and theatrical performances.
The visit of this ballroom is part of the visit secrets of Berlin

Bassy A wide variety of musical styles dating back to 1969: R & B, Rock’n’Roll, Early Soul, Sixties Garage Punk, Blues, Trash, Surf, Exotica, Western Swing, Country, etc.  The place: two stylish rooms rock & roll, a little American saloon bar. The public between 30 and 55 years old usually consists of a fun fauna, which largely contributes to the good atmosphere of the place. Concerts and burlesque nights are regularly organized.
The Bassy closed its doors in January 2018

Soul explosion Want to explode your soul? To go out to Berlin and party all night, on the voluptuous soul, it is the soul explosion parties that take care of it. For almost 15 years on a bi-monthly rhythm, they ignite Berlin’s dancefloors. Lovers of groove, soul, funk, boogaloo, rhythm & blues from the 60s and 70s these nights are for you!
Info: Evenings take place in various bars and clubs of the city. Consult the site.

Some bars and clubs ideas to go out in Berlin

Neukolln district
Klunkerkranich You have trouble pronouncing it? Me to! And my little finger tells me that it is a little bit done on purpose … just like the place that is not easy, easy to find. But if you want to take the altitude to enjoy a great view and enjoy Berlin off the beaten track the address is worth the detour.

Kreuzberg district
Prince Charles As in a fairytale, Charles Bechstein employees used to have an adjoining swimming pool at their place of work a long time ago … the time has passed … Bechstein has locked the door and no longer manufactures his pianos in Berlin. The pool was emptied and waited patiently for something a little exciting. In 2013 a young team decided to lift him a little portrait.

No more towel and swimsuit, you change your style and go to the (more dressed) evening dress. While turntables and sound system are installed to accommodate Dj’s and concerts (mostly trend House, Hip Hop), the bar (at the counter of which serves cocktails of Prince Charles and Lady Di) takes him, his ease in the old basin.

The place opens its doors early and can be good before to drink a cocktail. The summer, there are organized days Burgers & Hip Hop, a concept that has largely contributed to the success of the place.
Wedding District
Anita Berber Among the addresses a little more confidential to go out in Berlin and party all night we dare to leave the triangle Kreuzberg / Friedrichshain / Neukölln to explore Wedding and more specifically the bar/club Anita Berber (in tribute to one first dancer (notorious cocaine) from the mid-war to dancing naked in the cabaret of Berlin).

The address is discreet since this bar is hidden in the second back yard of a beautiful industrial building. Once installed, we begin the evening by taking a few drinks at the bar and we let ourselves be carried by the atmosphere.

The venue organizes both electro parties for both who would like to dance and party all night long evenings burlesque nights and jazz to reconnect with spirit year 20.


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