The Traditional Catering Business

The Traditional Catering Business

The installation

The opening of an independent restaurant is still feasible for highly innovative entrepreneurs, who respect strict investment rules: quality of location, competitive average ticket, efficiency and quality of service and hospitality. Membership in a branded network (themed catering) is growing.


For a traditional restaurant, the investments are important: furnishings, decoration, and materials comply with legislation. Investment decisions should be perfectly correlated with the preliminary study.

The title of master restaurateur allows the restaurant owners concerned to benefit from a tax credit of an amount equal to 50% of their expenses related to the requirements of the title (up to a limit of 30 000 euros in the year of obtaining of the title and for the next two years).


The professional follows the average turnover of cutlery per place and per day, as well as the average price of cover, the breakdown of turnover “menu” and “card”, the report meal/drinks, sales by product and adjusts its offer based on the results. The most followed index is the “premium cost” (adding the cost of raw materials and personnel costs).

Revenue from the activity

In most traditional restaurants, variations in the number of seats are difficult. The trend is down the average ticket.

The loads to watch

The main expense item is purchased, followed by payroll expenses. The management of the employees is very difficult because of the differences in activity, the very broad schedules and the turnover. In larger cases, controlling purchasing management and using raw materials in the kitchen is critical to limiting losses and maintaining a high gross margin.

Control of the result

In small traditional restaurants (family business most of the time), the control of purchases and external charges (rents, electricity, water …) is essential. In larger cases, the result depends on controlling staff costs and purchasing.

Financial management and cash requirements

At the installation, the professional must have a quarter of cash in advance. This must always be positive because of cash payments from customers and supplier delays. You’ve prepared for your wedding day for months. On your celebration day, our wedding planning experts anticipate helping you fill every moment with memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

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