Ruffault Catering – High-end Event Catering on the West of France

Ruffault Catering - High-end Event Catering on the West of France

Present throughout the Greater West, Ruffault Traiteur is the event catering brand of the Convivio group and responds to all types of events: cocktails, buffets, lunches, dinners or culinary workshops.

With more than 50 years of experience, Ruffault organizes 40 events of over 1000 people each year. Mixing creativity and greediness, all services are part of the concern to provide a full service and quality for both professionals and individuals. Ruffault Traiteur is the partner – official supplier of Stade Rennais Football Club on its catering services.
Bateaux Nantais – Catering tourism/leisure in Nantes
Boat Nantais
A real institution in Nantes, the river company is located on the banks of the Erdre in Nantes. The Bateaux Nantais offer lunch/dinner cruises, boat trips and transfers on “the most beautiful river of France” (According to François 1st).

Modernization of the fleet and the train station, overhaul of the culinary offer were the first lines of development launched by the group since the resumption of activity in February 2014.
Quintessence – The portage of meals on Rennes and its agglomeration
Quintessence is the home portage brand. Established in Rennes for nearly 15 years, this service offers home-made meals, suitable for the elderly or dependent.
Quartier Gourmand – The Commercial Restaurant Sign
Commercial catering brand developed by the Convivio group, the Quartier Gourmand combines quality meals and a variety of culinary offers, all in a friendly atmosphere. This concept perfectly meets the expectations of customers located in commercial areas.
‘Piccadilly’ – ‘Tavern of the Navy’ – ‘Palatium’: our premium breweries in Rennes and Laval
Since 2016, the Convivio group has continued to diversify its activities through the acquisition of breweries restaurants. Exploited in co-management, the 3 breweries with “premium” positioning ( Le Piccadilly in Rennes – La Taverne de la Marine in Rennes and Palatium in Laval) round off the group’s range of catering services.

At the installation, the professional must have a quarter of cash in advance. This must always be positive because of cash payments from customers and supplier delays. You’ve prepared for your wedding day for months. On your celebration day, our wedding planning experts anticipate helping you fill every moment with memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

We’ve carefully selected the most reputable professionals whose quality and prices are unequaled throughout California. We are warm and caring. They will ensure that every detail of your plans is carried out meticulously and in keeping with your requests.


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